Funding that fits.
Technology that works!

More than a grant search engine.
More than a grant matcher.
It’s a grant recommender and analytics platform!

See what makes GrantPuma Different!

Our grant recommender finds the right grants for you and we do it without any input from you.

See Grant Puma’s features that help you succeed.

Optimized recommendations

GrantPuma is better than a grant search engine. Our grant matcher and recommender algorithms are constantly working to get you the most updated, most relevant grant recommendations every time you log on.

Track and organize your matched grants your way!

Our algorithms are complicated, but our interface is not! The clean and simple dashboard allows you to filter, sort, save, categorize, and view all of your recommended opportunities in a way that best fits your work style.

Best part: you don’t need to do anything

GrantPuma’s cutting-edge machine learning technology is already digesting all open grant opportunities, past awards, and your publications…we’ll take it from there.

Note: nothing sinister here…see our “How does GP work” and “ Data Security” for more details

Find collaborators
and competitors easily!

Having good ideas is good; knowing who’s on the pitch with you is even better. Find out who else is receiving the same recommendations or has received similar research funding in the past…call them up to collaborate or keep an eye on them!

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How does GrantPuma work?

We can’ tell you everything... but, we can show you the gist of how we make grant recommendations.

Data security

We only use publicly available data and we don't sell your data; fully compliant with modern security standards as well.

Our Pricing

Free to researchers, always! There are some “premium” features that you might want to subscribe to.

The team

Built by researchers for researchers! Meet our team of founders, programmers, and designers.